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EBSI Wallet Conformance Testing

Turn your wallet into an EBSI conformant wallet and become part of a pan-European wallet ecosystem.

Become conformant

This service is intended for third-party application providers to ensure that their wallet conforms with EBSI core services API and for them to self-assess their applications by performing a conformance testing header. After passing this test your digital wallet will be ready for everyone to use.

Learn how conformant wallets work in real world scenarios taking a look at our success stories.

What are the benefits?


Build your wallet based on open specifications and standards from W3C. These common foundations allow you to be part of a broader and more connected ecosystem and get access to a whole new market.

Boost cross-border services

Join a community of pioneers and create the first blockchain-enabled cross-border services to manage identity, educational and social security credentials across Europe.

Gain visibility across Europe

By being conformant with EBSI, you will get the chance to be featured on our website and get access to new promotion and communication channels that will help you reach whole of Europe.

Useful documentation

The documentation below will help you test the conformance of your wallet with EBSI technical standards and specifications.

Verifiable Credentials Lifecycle
Find more about all the different actors involved, what does every one of them learn throughout the proccess and how does the exchange of information happen between them.
Learn more
Credential issuance guidelines
Find different diagrams and technical information that will guide you throught the proccess of issuing a credential.
Learn more

How to test your wallet?

step 2

Perform the tests

You must pass both the “issue credential” and “verify credential” tests, in this specific order. It is important to keep the same conformance header for both tests.

step 3

Submit a ticket

Once you have passed both tests, you have to create a ticket to submit your conformance header. Note: you need to have an EU login to create a ticket.

step 4

Get the results

The results of the tests will be communicated by the Support Office using the same ticket created in the previous step.

Test your wallet

Complete this set of tests to assess if your wallet is able to communicate with EBSI via its APIs.

Please, remember to use the same conformance header for both tests.

issue credential card number

Request Verifiable Credentials

Start with this test to verify the conformance of the issuance of credentials.
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issue credential card number

Present Verifiable Credentials

Once you have completed all the steps of the "Request Verifiable Credentials" test, you can start this test.
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